The art being taught here is Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.. Also known as Ninjutsu. Lead by 34th Generation soke Masaaki Hatsumi. Our training involves alot of Joint/Wrist locks, joint manipulation, Science of the bodys pain points, Ground fighting, throws, precision striking, Weapons of ALL kind, both offensive & Deffensive and a WHOLE lot more!! So if your in the SALT LAKE CITY UT area and would like to try this just call (3236312560)

My name is Cody Stevens, Founder of "Salt Lake Bujinkan Team" i just relocated here recently from Columbia SC. I have decided to live here in SLC now and restart my teachings fresh with a NEW TEAM!! a team of very dedicated & Mature Martial Artist. I have been practicing martial arts since a Very early age and YES i take what i do seriously! :) to sign up with us just visit the team page

Dates & Times

TUESDAY: 7:00 9:30

WENSDAY: 7:00 9:30

SUNDAY: 12:00 2:30

Contact information

PHONE: 323 631 2560


ADDITIONAL LINKS: holds our guidlines, and the option to contact japan headquarters to train with Hatsumi himself! is agreat information center, and dojo locator. Living Values explores the physical skills of the warrior, as well as the moral, political and economic issues that are the real-life context for studying the art of ethical warriorship. Created by - Jack Hobart